Are you constantly worried about hair loss and having lackluster, dry hair? Despite trying various remedies, have you failed to achieve any noticeable improvements?

In 2020, I started experiencing a condition called PCOS, which caused me to begin losing my hair. Initially, my hair started getting thinner, and I tried different treatments, but none of them worked. As time went on, my hair continued to thin out, becoming dry and easily falling out whenever I combed it.

I attempted minoxidil, Amygrow, and even tried onion juice, along with several other supplements, but unfortunately, none of them worked for me. The list of things I've tried out of desperation is quite extensive, so I won't go into detail for space reasons.

A friend of mine, who is a trichologist, suggested a natural remedy and advised me to discontinue the use of chemical-based products. She introduced me to a brand named Rubodex, which provides a range of hair care products including hair oil, shampoo, conditioner, and forte tablets.

After three weeks, I noticed a reduction in hair loss, and in just a couple of months, my hair growth showed remarkable improvement. Over the course of six months, I documented my progress by taking photographs.

Rubodex products are amazing, starting from the hair oil made from a combination of gooseberry, daisy, spikenard, and other high-quality 14 herbs!  which penetrate deep into your hair roots, rejuvenate them, and promote hair growth, making hair strong so that they don’t fall.

The Rubodex herbal shampoo contains ingredients like keratin, almond oil, argan oil, and five herbs that ensure your hair is smooth and nourished after washing making it the best shampoo when it comes to making hair soft and smooth, reducing hair fall while washing hair, and helping maintain its natural moisture.

Rubodex forte tablets are made from 26 minerals and vitamins that help nourish hair, regenerate dead hair follicles, and promote hair growth.

Rubodex hair conditioner is made from natural ingredients like shea butter, keratin, argan, and almond oil, which protect hair from damage and make it smooth, soft, and silky.

If you’re facing issues with hair loss, dandruff, dry hair, fine hair, or stunted hair growth, it would be worth considering the use of Rubodex herbal products. They offer excellent quality at a reasonable price and have demonstrated effectiveness in achieving desired outcomes.

What further instills trust in their products is my visit to their website, which reveals that all their products have been recommended by doctors and clinically approved since 1992.

Rubodex hair products have helped not only Amelai but also many other women to regain their hair growth and confidence.


I can't express enough how Rubodex Hair Products changed my life! For years, I battled a baldness that shattered my self-confidence. Then I discovered Rubodex their magical solution. In just months my hair started growing back, thicker and healthier than ever! Now, I feel beautiful and confident again. Rubodex is a true lifesaver!


I was skeptical about Rubodex Hair Products, but desperate to fix my receding hairline. "Rubodex Hair Products " proved me wrong! After using it consistently, my hair began to regrow, filling in the thinning areas. Now, I can confidently say goodbye to hats and embrace my new, revitalized look. Thank you, Rubodex, for restoring my hair naturally!


Rubodex's Kit has been nothing short of a miracle for my thinning hairline! I was losing hope until I tried this product. Within months, I noticed a significant improvement in hair thickness and volume. Now, I can confidently style my hair without worrying about bald spots.I highly recommend it to everyone facing similar issues.


As I hit my 40s, my thinning hairline became a constant source of frustration. But then, I discovered Rubodex's Hair Products " and it has been a game-changer! After using it consistently, my hair regained its thickness and vitality.

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